Federal Employees Evaluating Reorganization

Bryan Klopack, Government Executive Media Group

Recap: The Government Business Council (GBC) and Deloitte have found in a study of upper level federal employees that managers are considering agency reorganization as a result of budget issues. But only 35 percent of those considering it reported that their organization had the skills and resources to evaluate the move.

“Our research shows that the resources and skills required for an effective reorganization are not readily available in many agencies,” says Bryan Klopack, executive director of research and analysis at Government Executive Media Group, whose research intelligence division, GBC, helped conduct the study.

The report, “Tidying Up: What Reorganization Can Do for Federal Agencies,” looked at how federal employees regarded possible department, agency and program reorganization or consolidation.

It found that nearly all those surveyed had experienced reorganization at some point (over 90 percent), but the majority felt the strategy was not effective, due to poor communication from the top or employee resistance. Study organizers recommended clearly communicating a plan and effectively monitoring the process.

“Though the federal government has specific challenges when it comes to reorganization, there are successes stories and leading practices at the state and local level, and also in the non-profit and private sector that can help federal agencies achieve positive outcomes, ” said John Powers, principal, and global merger and acquisition consulting services leader of Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Government leaders will be looking to align assets to priorities so they can grow internal capability while still effectively executing the agency mission. A well-planned and executed reorganization can help accomplish those goals.”

The report is available here.



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