DMI Celebrates First Annual Tech Chef Competition

DMI, Tech Chef 2012

Undaunted by the summer heat, DMI held a grill-off for its team on Aug. 16 at company headquarters. Employees gathered on the company’s balcony to enjoy refreshments as 20 of their colleagues participated in a Tech Chef competition (a knockoff of “Top Chef”). Four teams of four were given a grilling challenge that included secret ingredients, time and money limitations, and a panel of five judges to impress—one of whom is a Bethesda-area professional chef.

Each team was challenged to create a grilled appetizer that included pineapple, a shrimp entrée and a bake-less dessert with marshmallows. The judges evaluated each dish on presentation, taste and secret ingredient. DMI’s winning team of grill masters served:

  • Pineapple boat appetizer – succulent pineapple wrapped in farm raised, organic, never hassled or proposed as key turkey bacon, combined with Italian sausage, never allowed in hog pen mud and massaged daily, and pineapple skewers displayed in a beautiful, fresh pineapple boat, hand carved and served with fresh fruit and orange sauce
  • Caribbean delight entrée – grilled, marinated spicy mango chicken breasts, from a secret Caribbean island, no artificial enhancements, only organic fed with a berry and orange sauce, served on a bed of fresh grown, grilled asparagus, with Idaho farm roasted red potatoes, garnished with a fresh berry compote and pineapple slices
  • Just peachy dessert: Grilled French classic Georgia peach melba with raspberry sauce, and delicious vanilla ice cream devoid of any unwanted calories.
Spectators, grill masters and judges all had a great time. The event was so popular that it was quickly named DMI’s first annual Tech Chef competition.

DMI Tech Chef Grill Masters

DMI Tech Chef

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