DMI To Enhance Network Security For The Department Of Interior (DOI) National Business Center (NBC)

Sunny Bajaj, DMI

DMI, an IT solutions and business strategy consulting firm, announced that it is performing a continuous monitoring program for the Department of Interior (DOI) National Business Center (NBC).  NBC is a Shared Service Center that provides administrative solutions, including financial management and human resources for over 130 government office and agencies.

DMI is assisting the DOI NBC to perform a continuous monitoring program to reduce cybersecurity risk.  Documentation of compliance and ongoing monitoring of critical security controls enables DOI to continually assess their security and respond immediately to increasingly complex cybersecurity threats.

Jay Sunny Bajaj, DMI’s President and CEO said, “We are excited to be working with DOI NBC at the forefront of cybersecurity best practices, by applying continuous monitoring and self-defending network technologies, we can help DOI reduce the cost of compliance, while more effectively defending against cybersecurity threats.”

DMI will also provide the DOI NBC with other services including operations and administration, engineering and policy administration, privacy officer services and information management.



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