NEW SERIES: “Top 3 Pieces Of Advice For My Kids,” By Debra Stouffer, EVP Of BRMi

Debra Stouffer, BRMi

New WashingtonExec Series:

WashingtonExec asked the simple question to top area executives:

“If you could give your kids only three pieces of advice, what would they be?”

Here are the top 3 pieces of advice from Debra Stouffer, EVP of BRMi, to her kids.

Never forget what matters– Faith, family, those you touch in life and those who touch your life, whether through work or personal relationships, or community service.  If you lose your sense of what matters, you lose all that matters.  The way in which you touch others is what you leave behind.

Find your passion – Find something that you are passionate about and make it your work.  Work becomes fun, challenging, energy building….  There is nothing worse than spending 40+ hours a week in a career that drains your energy.  Find a career that leverages your passion and talent, and that gives you energy…. makes time slip away…

Forgive more – Forgive yourself, forgive others.  No one is perfect.  If you make a mistake, learn from it, forgive yourself, and move on….don’t beat yourself up!  Both success and failure offer life lessons.  And given that we are not perfect, be fast to judge others behavior but slow to judge the person.  Until you are perfect, don’t expect perfection of others.




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