NEW SERIES: Mitch Rambler’s Advice To His Kids, “Be Accountable For Your Actions”

Mitch Rambler, DRS Technical Services

Mitch Rambler, President of DRS Technical Services, sat down with WashingtonExec to discuss what three pieces of advice he deemed most important for his children to understand.

Hard work and dedication pays off – Commit to whatever you are doing and do it the very best you can. Do not take on an initiative if you are not totally committed. If you support the actions that you are assigned to or work the hardest that you can on opportunities,  benefits will always be the result.

Treat everyone with respect and dignity – you should always value diversity. You never know where the best ideas come from and where you will need to team. The power of the personal network is infinite. Build on relationships and be supportive to others. You will always have resources available if you are viewed as a respectful individual that fosters team building that drives for success.

Be accountable for your actions – Be responsible! If you are totally aware that every action you take could have positive or negative consequences you will likely make the right decisions most of the time. Don’t be afraid to make decisions but be sure you have thought through the potential impact as best as you can.

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