Interview With Evan Scott: Jobs, Getting Hired And Personal Success

Evan Scott

Meet Evan Scott, the President and one of the founding partners of ESGI. Scott has many years of retained search experience and know the ins and outs of the executive search experience.

WashingtonExec recently interview Scott about ESGI, the economy and job searching. Scott shared his thoughts and talked about the secrets to finding the “perfect” job.

WashingtonExec: What is the secret to finding the “perfect job” for a client?

Evan Scott: First,allow me to define client. As a retainer based executive search firm
our clients are companies who hire us to help them fill strategically 
important senior level positions.What has always set ESGI apart from our
competition is how we treat candidates with the same level of interest and
caring as we do our clients. Our strongest references are the executives whom
 we help recruit into client’s positions. ESGI does not help people find jobs.
 We are in the business of making strong marriages to get a job done.

 As to finding the “perfect” job I think that unless you are the owner of a
business there does not exist a perfect job. I always felt that having the 
perfect job comes from within an individual’s make up and
 personality. Organizations are not in business to provide prefect jobs for
 employees.It is the individual who must take each challenge and mold it
 around their personalities and skills. The perfect job might then exist for a
while but being ready for change is the key. Knowing thy self is going to get
 you into jobs that are more satisfying and flexibility will allow you to
continue a rewarding career.

WashingtonExec: How has the economy affected ESGI’s ability to find good jobs for all
 your clients?

Evan Scott: All of ESGI business is centered around government. ESGI client’s all sell
something to federal, state or local government. The uncertainty all of our
 client’s face with the CRs and unpredictability of the federal government 
has had an impact. However,Washington DC area has the lowest unemployment in
 the country so finding jobs is not that difficult. If you are looking for a 
job and have experience in selling into the government, this is the market to
 be looking.

WashingtonExec: What is more important to your clients, finding the right company, or
 finding the right position? Why?

Evan Scott: The right position. There are very few companies anymore that you can define
 as one you want to work for. When I speak with young folks just starting out 
their careers I will discuss companies such as IBM, P&G and GE. These are
 companies with well defined cultures and career tracks. Once you are further 
along in your career then the things you must look for are:

  • The position and how the company will measure success.How do your
interest and abilities line up?
  • What are your  feelings about the person you would be working for and
what are your feelings about the team? Does the company have the right
products or services that in your opinion will meet customer’s needs?
  • Always follow you gut and remember that everyone is giving a
performance during an interview process.Understanding how things really get
done once you are in the position is the key.

WashingtonExec: What advise to you have for anyone currently looking for work?

Evan Scott: I always advise folks who are
 looking to do the following:

  • Work your personal network hard.
  • Identify companies who you think can use your experiences and contact 
them directly.
  • Make the retained search firms aware of who you are.
  • Relying on job postings will be very frustrating.
  • Do not rely on a recruitment company as your only means to find a 
position.Take ownership and market yourself.

WashingtonExec: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Evan Scott: I called an executive who was hired by one of our clients a couple of months 
ago.He was so excited about the position, people and company.He thanked me so 
much for not only introducing him to our client but also helping him thru 
the process.He appreciated that we did behavioral references and spent
 enough time with him to really understand his abilities and personality.He
 credited this for helping him make the right decision and finding what today 
he no doubt feels is the “perfect” job.

Then I spoke with our client and she was so excited about having this person
on her team. It does not get better than this.

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