What To Do With All Your Business Cards: Advice From Networking Guru Devora Zack

This month I had the pleasure of interviewing Devora Zack, founder of the networking company Only Connect Consulting and author of the book Networking For People Who Hate Networking. In my interview I asked Zack to solve a frequent problem of mine; after attending a plethora of events every week…what should my next move be after I arrive home with twenty or thirty business cards?

Zack said that after I receive a business card, I must immediately write something, anything on the back of the card that would gauge my memory of that particular connection. How to pronounce someone’s name, their interest, or connection to you are some universal examples.

Zack also strongly urged me to “ping” the new connection within the two day window of meeting that individual, that way we will not loose track of each other. Timing is key.

Zack’s quote to live by: “If you’re not following up, you’re not networking!”

To read my full interview with Devora Zack, see my personal blog: “It’s Not About Who You Know, But Who Wants To Know You” here.

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