Executive Assistant Networking Event: Old Concept, New Faces

Contrary to popular belief, Washington, D.C. is a small town, just ask the Executive Assistants (EAs) to top government contractors in and around the beltway. They are more than just an Executive Assistant, they are the reason “business as usual” happens every day and progress is made. Although their jobs cannot be totally defined in an ad description, they are crucial in helping an executive run his or her business unit. “Many executive assistants are their boss’ minority partners…In fact, they are associates and lifelines,” Keith Ferrazzi, Never Eat Alone.

Day after day these high-powered individuals, mostly women, call, email, and coordinate with each other on behalf of their company and the executives they work for. There is never time between the 8 hour, 10 hour or 14 hour work day to actually sit down and connect with those who work in similar positions or to exchange methods and ideas of how to assist, manage, or coordinate the professional lives of the executives and business personnel they devote their time to.

It was a different story Monday night at The Capital Grill in Tysons Corner.

40 Executive Assistants in government contracting met at The Capital Grill event, hosted by WashingtonExec, for a unique networking opportunity to put a name to a face from those feverish phone calls and quick emails. Besides the typical “I had to fluff the pillows before she came in” or “and then I had to change the entire agenda at the last minute” stories, the attendees were able to taste a variety of wines with eye-catching o’deavers thanks to the generosity of The Capital Grille in Tysons Corner.

Every participant left with a goodie bag from Neiman Marcus, gift certificate from Calvert Rejuvenations Spa in Herndon, Virginia. Wolf Trap and Karin’s Florist prizes were also a part of a raffle.

A popular concept among the CEO’s and Executives EA’s devote themselves to, the event at The Capital Grille was new of its kind. Feedback was extremely positive, and the Executive Assistants walked a way with a feeling of community, understanding, and new perspectives.

“WashingtonExec‘s mission is to focus on outcome based networking events and programs.  This event is the first of many future events that executives and their key staff will benefit from with a measurable outcome,” JD Kathuria, founder of WashingtonExec.

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