IRS Completes TIPSS-4ITS

The Internal Revenue Services (IRS) completed its indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quality (IDIQ) contracts, known as TIPSS-4 Small Business IDIQ program. on Thursday.  The contracts have a 10-year period of performance with a one-base year and nine one-year options.  The contracts are primary procurement tools for technology services within the IRS and other Treasury bureaus.

33 companies were designated as main contractors on the agreement; among some of the industry’s best competitors.  These contractors will provide support for both local and large systems, as well as security systems and program management.  The TIPSS-4ITS contract is designed to allow modern technology services throughout the contract’s performance period.  One of the selections will be providing technology services is QinetiQ North America, which is a company that delivers technology, services and solutions to U.S. government and commercial customers in the global market.

“Being selected for this award from among some of the industry’s largest and most competitive firms is a true indication of our advanced technology-based capabilities, and the quality of service our government partners are confident we can provide,” says Jill Thompson, EVP of QinetiQ North America. “We are up for the challenge and are excited to be supporting the IRS.”


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  1. I wanted to offer a slight correction: It’s true that the Treasury’s TIPSS-4 procurement initiative was effectively concluded last week. However, the contract winners announced last week were awarded under the Treasury’s TIPSS-4 Small Business IDIQ program. TIPSS-4 ITS (Information Technology Services) was the large business, full-and-open portion of the procurement that was concluded at the end of 2010.

    TIPSS-4 SB had two parts: Cybersecurity and MBOSS (Management/Business Operations Support Services). The small business awardees that were announced last week submitted proposals under CS, MBOSS, or both.

    A handful of companies, including Citizant, were awarded TIPSS-4 contracts under both the ITS (full and open) and SB (set-aside) parts of the procurement.