Meet Bob Gourley

Bob Gourley, founder of Crucial Point, LLC, is a professional in social media.  Named as one of the “Top 25 Most Fascinating Communicators in Government IT” in 2010 by GovFresh, Gourley knows how to stay on top of social media and how to use it effectively for his business.

Connecting through social media has become second nature to Gourley.  He suggests that blogging is a good way to stay on track with the community and can also be a learning experience.  In addition, Twitter is a good way to ask for ideas, thoughts and advice on a variety of issues.  He also believes that technologists should have a LinkedIn so they can find each other and support each other’s careers.

“If you want to add value to your clients and customers, you need to be the best at something,” advises Gourley.  He tells others to work continuously to enhance differentiators and to deliver unique capabilities to build them up into a personal brand.

Gourley is helping with Crucial Point’s launch of the development of key web properties, such as,, and


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