Mayor Vincent Gray Declares D.C. Health Innovation Week

June 6-11 2011 has been declared Washington, D.C. Health Innovation Week by Mayor Vincent Gray. To partake within the events, health innovators, technologists, physicians, nurses, consumers and patients alike join forces with federal agencies.

Activities include:

·     Walking Gallery displaying patient stories on the back of lab coats by nation-wide artists.

·     HealthCamp DC an “unconference” focusing on redesigning and transforming patient focused healthcare.

·     The Health Data Initiative Forum encouraging the development of applications that raise awareness of health and health system performance

·     Healthcare Innovation Summit discussing the challenges and opportunities to improve healthcare through innovation.

·     Health 2.0 Code-a-Thon where attendees are asked to design creative, new tolls for the health care space.

The goal is the week it to increase awareness about the technological advancements and innovations being used to transform healthcare.

“To transform health care in this country, the nation needs to accelerate knowledge sharing. This week of innovation gatherings at our Center for Total Health will generate thought-provoking, forward-moving conversations that spark partnerships and collaborations to tackle the complex issues of health care,” said Jack Cochran, MD, FACS, executive director of The Permanente Federation, Kaiser Permanente.


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