Meet Jack Bienko of SBA

Jack Bienko is simply a businessman who builds and connects.  As a current Presidential Management Fellow at U.S. Small Business Association (SBA), Bienko and his team work with organizations of national brands to provide tools to help entrepreneurs start, grow and succeed.  Throughout his career Bienko has been shown the public and private sector innovation by working on inter-governmental efforts and nationwide partnerships.

Bienko is proud to say that SBA has accomplished and built much this past year.  As a company that has been serving millions of small businesses for close to 60 years, SBA has strengthened and expanded its outreach to the community.  SBA enlarged a program called “Emerging 200,” which is a “mini-MBA” for urban and Native American entrepreneurs across the country.  SBA is also trying to bring business education through mobile, tablets, eBook readers and other technological outlets.

With the use of advertising their business through technology, the aspect of social media is important to SBA, as well as Bienko.  This sense of social networking is critical to finding customers, connecting to business partners, recruiting team members, serving the community and researching market opportunities.

“SBA is using social media to strengthen our communication with entrepreneurship,” said Bienko.  “We’re on major social networks sharing information, listening, gathering new ideas, connecting customers with resources and working with our government peers to best serve small business owners.”

As one of four “Jacks” in his immediate family, Bienko is continuing the celebration for National Small Business Week with SBA.  Events will be hosted throughout the month to honor the hard work and accomplishments small businesses make across the U.S.

“Each year, these impressive businesses from each state remind us all that small business is truly the engine of the economy,” said Bienko.

Because of his hard-working nature and his need to put the company first, Bienko is face worth recognizing in the D.C. area.


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