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For WashingtonExec’s Top Chief Financial Officers to Watch in 2023 list, we identified the best of the best in private companies putting long-term growth, strategy and profitability first, based on their accomplishments, impact on internal financial and operational goals, and vision for the near-term future — bringing exactly what the GovCon community needs to empower competition and success.

WashingtonExec’s Top Cyber Execs to Watch in 2023 highlights executives in both government and industry consistently staying one step ahead of adversaries, equipped with the technical know-how to safeguard systems and information.

Serving the Defense Department requires deep knowledge of its mission, providing secure innovative solutions and being a trusted, strategic partner for the nation’s top line of defense. As technology and the defense landscape evolve, so do the needs of agencies and service members to continue protecting the nation effectively, efficiently and strategically.

For WashingtonExec’s Top DOD Executives to Watch in 2023, we identified the best of the best providing the tools, strategies and systems to do so, based not only on their accomplishments but on their impact on the defense community and their vision for the near-term future. These leaders, some having served the country themselves, bring the experience, knowledge and expertise the Pentagon needs to stay on the cutting edge.

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For the eighth year in a row, WashingtonExec has assembled its list of executives in industry and government changing the status quo. Who are those helping to strengthen the nation after years of unprecedented challenges while finding opportunities and maintaining their relevance in a crowded marketplace? We think these individuals stand out from the crowd.

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For WashingtonExec’s Top Chief Technology Officers to Watch in 2023, you’re invited to meet the CTOs with the management and IT knowledge to implement change from the inside out. These experts help modernize IT infrastructure, advance critical technologies, drive technology investments, recruit and develop a top notch technical workforce, and predict which technologies to focus on for the future. These technology strategies and solution development plans set the bar high for customer capabilities and differentiate each organization from the next.

For WashingtonExec’s Top Contract Execs to Watch in 2023 list, we identified the best of the best in building those contracts for success. Based on their accomplishments, impact on business goals and vision for the near-term future, these execs bring exactly what the GovCon community needs to empower competition and success.

The cyberthreat landscape is constantly evolving — creating new challenges, expanding vulnerabilities and resulting in more sophisticated hacks and breaches.…

These experts bring the industry experience and understanding needed to lead branding strategies through mergers and acquisitions, run creative and operational support teams, and ultimately, manage the connections and communications needed to drive growth and success.