Top 15 General Counsels to Watch in 2021: CACI’s Bill Koegel, Jr.

Bill Koegel, Jr., CACI

For 7 years, Bill Koegel has led CACI’s legal department overseeing all legal affairs and regulatory compliance matters, serving as principal counsel to senior management and the board of directors. He also manages the contracts department. 

Among the many unprecedented challenges Koegel and his team faced in 2020 was navigating ever-evolving pandemic rules and safety guidelines, which varied state by state and country by country. Koegel’s — and CACI’s — top priority was maintaining a safe work environment while continuing to deliver the technology and expertise CACI’s customers rely upon for their critical national security missions.

Why Watch 

Koegel said he is proud of his lean, yet agile team of attorneys. Each attorney, he said, is empowered to undertake more responsibility, including directly assisting business operations from contracts to human resources to financial matters. 

“CACI’s legal department helps produce a superior work product and contributes to the company’s ongoing success and growth, as we involve ourselves early and often across multiple organizational functions to provide our input and expertise to navigate complex and dynamic legal issues,” Koegel said.

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