Top 20 Cloud Execs to Watch in 2021: Salesforce’s John DeVoe

John DeVoe, Salesforce

John DeVoe joined Salesforce in 2007 to help establish and quickly grow its public sector practice. With many years of government service, 20 years of industry experience and nearly 15 years of cloud experience, DeVoe is now focusing his efforts on helping U.S. aerospace and government contracting companies with their internal transformation efforts.

“Last year definitely accelerated companies’ interest in internal business transformation,” DeVoe said. “The most forward-leaning companies are approaching these challenges with a beginner’s mind.”

That’s where DeVoe and his teams come in.

“U.S. aerospace and government contractors are uniquely positioned to leverage Salesforce’s 22 years of commercial and government success in delivering business outcomes,” he said. “The secret is that all of our solutions are delivered on our Customer 360, Work from Anywhere platform.”

Why Watch

DeVoe is noting the growing interest in government and commercial entities learning from one another and delivering solutions on common platforms. While they have different business drivers, both commercial and government entities are awash with data, want to streamline business processes, improve sharing and collaboration and make it easier for employees to work from anywhere.

“In 2021, we’ll see more industry companies deliver on the needs of their customers, employees, suppliers and partners — and do it all on one Customer 360 platform,” DeVoe said.

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