Top 20 Cloud Execs to Watch in 2021: Red Hat’s David Egts

David Egts, Red Hat

In 2021, David Egts has engaged with and learned directly from government executives more than he ever has in his career.

“One silver lining of COVID is that video conferencing made us all equidistant,” Egts said. “Instead of formal meetings, more casual ‘virtual coffees’ allowed me to engage on a more personal level to learn from the best in the public and private sectors and share best practices between federal, state and local agencies around the world.”

Egts said he developed numerous meaningful relationships he wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise, and he looks forward to meeting up with his new friends in person once things get back to normal.

Why Watch

In 2021, Egts is focused on harnessing the power of open source communities to deliver tailored solutions to government agencies that help them better serve citizens and meet mission outcomes.

“Open source community members don’t usually lie awake at night thinking about government requirements, but my team and I do,” he said. “By understanding the needs of our government customers, we can go back to our engineering organization and steer not just a multibillion-dollar software company, but the open source communities they engage with around the world as well.”

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