Top 20 Cloud Execs to Watch in 2021: NetApp’s Michelle Rudnicki

Michelle Rudnicki, NetApp

Last year, Michelle Rudnicki took the helm of NetApp U.S. Public Sector, leading her team deeper down its more than three-decade journey as a trusted adviser for many government agencies’ storage and data strategies.

She focuses on supporting government’s important and complex missions by empowering clients to access their data, on-premise or in the cloud, with the same tools or interfaces and with the level of security required for that data set.

“During 2020, many federal agencies invested heavily in cloud technologies to rapidly meet the IT challenges of the pandemic,” Rudnicki said. “Our customers who had built out a strong data fabric were in an optimum position to quickly adapt to the new reality.”

Why Watch

Securing data across the data fabric is a top priority for Rudnicki and NetApp. They are investing in areas such as zero trust and building out robust data management and protection solutions.

“Our customers continue to implement more complex solutions such as artificial intelligence,” Rudnicki said. “Having a strong data management strategy will help them securely take advantage of data from within and outside of an agency.”

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