Top 20 Cloud Execs to Watch in 2021: ManTech’s Sandeep Shilawat

Sandeep Shilawat, ManTech

Government agencies typically operate between five to seven cloud systems from various service providers — but those operations aren’t always seamless.

In 2020, Sandeep Shilawat led ManTech’s efforts at designing infrastructure that helps ensure full interoperability between diverse cloud systems — and end-to-end security. Supported by the development and deployment of a common security baseline for ManTech-managed multicloud solutions, Shilawat’s work has enabled government customers to modernize their applications during cloud migration, and benefit from full app interoperability in a multicloud environment.

As agencies look at their overall digital transformation strategies, one thing is clear — cloud is foundational to any digital transformation and not just an infrastructure consideration, Shilawat said.

“At ManTech, we leverage cloud technology as an enabler and accelerator of high-priority customer initiatives, especially warfighters and national security agencies operating in disconnected, intermittent, limited bandwidth environments,” he added. “We enable them to run complex compute and analytics at the edge, closer to the sensors where we collect and analyze data — what ManTech calls D@tE for Data at the Edge.”

Why Watch

This year, ManTech teams aim to create a fully automated multicloud management platform with continuous Authority to Operate. Under the Federal Information Security Management Act, an IT system is granted ATO for 3 years, based on the premise a system’s cybersecurity posture won’t change in that period, an assumption that in today’s environment of sophisticated vulnerability exploitation may no longer be valid, he said.

With Shilawat’s expertise and know-how, ManTech’s approach is to develop an automation pipeline that will continuously improve security measures for customers in their multicloud environments — and pave the way for innovation.

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