Top 20 Cloud Execs to Watch in 2021: Deloitte’s Doug Bourgeois

Doug Bourgeois, Deloitte

In 2020, Doug Bourgeois was proud to provide cloud leadership and advisory services to more than 20 government organizations including federal, state and local clients.

Bourgeois’ team at Deloitte guides these clients as they stand up and operate cloud centers of excellence and brokerages, incorporate cloud into their enterprise architecture programs, implement multicloud management solutions, plan and execute cloud migrations, and adopt advanced analytics using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Bourgeois brings his own perspective, as a former government chief information officer and shared services center director, to clients.

“I want to ensure they consider leading industry trends as well as how to adapt them to work for government organizations,” he said.

Why Watch

In the next year, Bourgeois’ team will be heavily focused on helping government clients take advantage of the agility cloud offers.

“It’s exciting to see clients unlock innovative cloud-based services and incorporate the cloud into enterprise modernization strategies,” Bourgeois said.

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