John Moberly Appointed as President of LeoLabs Federal

John Moberly, LeoLabs Federal

Space and technology company LeoLabs has tapped John Moberly as president of LeoLabs Federal.

Moberly is an industry veteran and retired military officer with extensive experience in classified space and intelligence fields, including the multifaceted contested space domain.

The company said it seeks to provide tracks and custody of all objects in all Earth orbits. LeoLabs Federal will provide mission applications for intelligence insights and threat indications for space domain awareness. It plans to leverage a low-cost solution for the deep-space advanced radar concept to achieve detection and tracking out to geostationary orbits and beyond.

Prior to LeoLabs, Moberly led the space and intelligence business area for Arete, a company with work largely focused on algorithms for weak signature detection and artificial intelligence/machine learning applications for GEOINT systems. He was also involved in DARPA Blackjack, Space Development Agency, and commercial small satellites algorithm development for on-board processing and weak/dim signature detection.

Moberly retired from the Army after 20 years, of which the last 12 years were as a space operations officer with tours in the NRO Advanced Systems and Technology, and as a systems engineer on a project supporting national security space efforts.

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