Veraxx Taps Mark Gray as Executive Chair, Makes Other Executive Appointments

Mark Gray, Veraxx

A maker of immersive solutions for flight training, Veraxx Engineering Corp. has appointed Mark Gray as executive chairman and company co-founder Chris Conrad as CEO and chief growth officer.

Prior to joining Veraxx, Gray was the president and CEO of ASRC Federal from 2014-2020.

“Mark possesses a wealth of knowledge in military aviation simulation and training and a long track record of leading successful growth,” Conrad said. “He shares our commitment to delivering high-quality and high-fidelity flight simulators and tactical training environments.”

As a company co-founder and owner, Conrad has been with Veraxx since its inception in 1999.

“I am honored to work with the Veraxx board of directors to collectively advance our future growth strategy and business value,” Gray said. “I have known Chris and the board members since the company’s inception over 20 years ago. We all share a strong vision and passion for improving military mission readiness by developing state-of-the-art flight simulators and realistic tactical, distributed intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance training environments.”

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