Top 20 Cloud Executives to Watch in 2021

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Brandee Daly, C2S Consulting Group

Brandee Daly, CEO, C2S Consulting Group

Brandee Daly built C2S Consulting Group out of need she saw for assistance in secure cloud services.

Now, with more than 25 years of experience leveraging her technological innovation, program improvement and strategy to build successful teams and businesses, she is leading the company from the CEO seat where she has helped dozens of businesses and public sector organizations successfully migrate, manage and optimize their technology and cloud infrastructure.

The 2020 prime customer cloud wins, providing multicloud solutions, have positioned C2SCG with cloud contracts to drive innovation and automation in defense, intelligence and civilian agencies.

Why Watch

One of C2SCG’s primary focus areas for 2021 is to expand the cloud landscape across the government into multicloud efforts that include AWS, Azure, Google, IBM and others. These solutions allow customers to take the best of breed for solutions, innovations and cost savings.

“C2SCG’s portfolio of tools to deliver automated end-to-end cloud solutions in a multicloud environment is critical to agencies’ pressing focus to aggressively adopt cloud solutions to modernize their IT environments,” Daly said. “Our view of ‘Automate Everything’ allows C2SCG to provide innovative solutions to government in a cost-effective way.”

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