DCS Wins $29M Contract to Support Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems

Technology, engineering and management solutions provider DCS Corp. has been awarded a $29 million, 5-year prime contract to support the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division’s Webster Outlying Field, or WOLF, Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems Division.

The scope of the Technical, Engineering Products and Software Services contract provides technical products and services to the ATC&LS Division and the systems under its purview. 

DCS is to provide hardware and software products and services to support the division in the design, development, integration, testing, evaluation, installation, logistics, maintenance and configuration management of various air traffic control and landing systems.

For this contract, the company brought together small and mid-sized partners to fulfill the requirements of air traffic control and landing systems, said DCS Executive Vice President and Air-Sea Forces Sector Manager Larry Egbert.

“Bringing our engineering and technical services expertise to a new customer is always exciting, and we look forward to supporting the ATC&LS Division,” he added

Full contract performance kicked off at WOLF in December 2020, with personnel from DCS and its teammates.

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