Top 25 Execs to Watch in 2021

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Andy Maner, Avantus Federal

Andy Maner, CEO, Avantus Federal

2020 was a defining year for Avantus Federal. In his second year as CEO, Andy led the company through a rebranding, major innovation and solution advancements, two acquisitions and maintained a laser focus on the needs of employees through Avantus’ renowned integrated talent management program.

“We are humbled to have achieved so much within the past year and to have the ability to support these critical missions that shape our nation for decades to come,” he said.

The rebranding to Avantus Federal was a crucial step for the company to position itself for continued and sustained eminence in the GovCon industry.

In 2020, Avantus acquired Lucid Perspectives LLC and MissionTech Solutions LLC to build on the technology and advanced data offerings to national security and intelligence community customers.

“This year, we have worked with relentless focus to ensure that our people are supported,” Maner said

As the company leads five generations in the workforce toward higher skills and opportunities, its focus on health and wellness, diversity and inclusion continues.

Innovations and technologies developed through the Avantus Garage have allowed Avantus to lean into mission challenges and opportunities at its growing customer base. Equipped with data analytics, software, domain and technical experts, the Garage arms client missions with the proper blend of technology, data and people.

“We start with understanding the needs of our client first,” Maner said. “We then equip them with the appropriate technology needed to solve their problem.”

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Maner plans to build Avantus’ staying power in the industry by actively maintaining growth, fostering the talent building philosophy and continuing diversity and inclusion efforts.

“We will always be working to take a more expedited, focused and intentional approach to personal and professional growth in our company — every single day, every single mission,” Maner said.

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