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Paul Dillahay, NCI

Paul Dillahay, President & CEO, NCI Information Systems, Inc.

While 2020 will undoubtedly be remembered for the COVID-19 pandemic, Paul Dillahay is personally very proud of the way the NCI team worked quickly and responsibly to respond to the crisis, keep its team safe, continue to serve customers and focus on the business.

“As a business, NCI was able to thrive during the pandemic,” Dillahay said. “We won praise from our existing customers for our responsiveness and adaptability.”

NCI also enhanced its positioning as a differentiated partner by forming several new partnerships with large systems integrators across the industry driven by its artificial intelligence-first approach to revolutionizing federal IT.

“And ultimately, NCI had a banner year in business development capped off by an $807 million contract award from the General Services Administration this past December — the largest single award in our 31-year history,” Dillahay said.

NCI has also been an early and fervent advocate for the use of AI and machine learning in the public sector.

“What we witnessed in 2020, as millions were forced to work remotely and systems became strained, was an urgent need to accelerate AI for government,” Dillahay said.

Thankfully, NCI’s March launch of the NCI Empower platform — its enterprise open-architecture platform to provide secure, containerized access to deploy AI solutions — and regular deployment of AI this year is helping customers embrace digital teammates and help the federal workforce maximize its potential.

Why Watch

NCI will continue to grow the AI capabilities available through its NCI Empower AI-as-a-Service platform and supporting the partners who complement their AI offerings across the federal government.

“I am most excited about getting NCI Empower into our customers’ programs, so they can experience firsthand our consultative approach to applying customized technology solutions (not the traditional, one-size-fits-all process) to solve their most pressing problems,” Dillahay said.

He’s also looking forward to conveying NCI’s commitment to leveraging the best ideas and solutions developed from across its various government programs to reduce duplication of effort and cost while enabling more rapid and scalable deployment through the marketplace — ensuring customers’ biggest challenges are not solved in stovepipes.

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