Top 25 Execs to Watch in 2021

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Doug Wagoner, LMI

Doug Wagoner, President & CEO, LMI

Doug Wagoner joined LMI as president and CEO in August, marking a return to the government services industry even he didn’t expect.

“I had other CEO opportunities, but none were as compelling as LMI,” said Wagoner, who was president of Science Applications International Corp.’s services and solutions sector when he retired in 2017.

Wagoner knew of LMI’s reputation, but became even further impressed as he got more acquainted with the people, customers and capabilities.

“The culture here is special,” he said.

Wagoner arrived at a company immersed in the federal response to COVID-19. LMI assists with medical resources acquisition and industrial base expansion through the Defense Assisted Acquisition Cell, established by the Defense Department to meet urgent needs for COVID-19 and future national emergencies. LMI supports the cell’s product teams for personal protective equipment, screening and diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and vaccine delivery.

Wagoner says he’s encouraged by the breadth of support LMI has furnished to Operation Warp Speed and other parts of the government response.

“Our logistics and supply chain expertise are well established, but maturity in areas like life sciences and data analytics has enabled us to provide comprehensive support,” he said. “Customers’ needs evolve constantly; you want the interdisciplinary expertise to help solve any problem that may arise.”

This fall, LMI announced a $77.5 million prime award from the Department of Homeland Security’s Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office, signaling the strategy to bid — and win — large, complex programs is taking hold.

Why Watch

Despite COVID-19’s disruption to business routines, LMI saw a 25% spike in bookings and a 21% bump in revenue over last fiscal year. Wagoner will drive enhanced digital capabilities to help LMI take the next step in its corporate growth.

“We want to mitigate uncertainty for our customers, and that starts and ends with data: what insights you can generate, and how you visualize it and make it accessible to decision-makers,” he said. “We’re excited about the tools and techniques we’ve developed to anticipate problems, evaluate potential solutions and give customers confidence in the way ahead.”

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