Neustar Adds to Executive Leadership Team

Global information services and technology company Neustar Inc. announced five new appointments to its executive leadership team.

Michael Schoen, Senior Vice President, Marketing Solutions photo

Michael Schoen, Neustar

Bob McKay, Senior Vice President, Risk Solutions photo

Bob McKay, Neustar

Joining the company’s executive committee are Michael Schoen, senior vice president of marketing solutions; Bob McKay, SVP of risk solutions; Jimmy Garvert, SVP of communications solutions; Hyune Hand, SVP of customer success; and J. Martin, chief information officer.

“As we work toward implementing our Roadmap for Growth strategy, we must be agile and innovative both with how we solve our customers problems, and with our internal structure and leadership,” said Neustar President and CEO Charlie Gottdiener.

Jimmy Garvert, Senior Vice President, Communications Solutions photo

Jimmy Garvert, Neustar

Schoen leads the company’s marketing solutions business unit. McKay focuses on the development and execution of Neustar’s risk solutions business. Garvert is responsible for the management and strategic direction of Neustar’s communications solutions.

Hyune Hand, Senior Vice President, Customer Success photo

Hyune Hand, Neustar

Hand serves as Neustar’s senior vice president of customer success. Martin is responsible for expanding Neustar’s authoritative identity and attribution platform.

J. Martin, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer photo

J. Martin, Neustar

“The addition of Michael, Bob, Jimmy, Hyune, and J. to our executive leadership team will better enable us to achieve our performance and growth objectives,” Gottdiener said.

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