Gerald Gilbert Appointed MITRE Fellow

Gerald Gilbert, MITRE

Gerald Gilbert, MITRE

MITRE has named Gerald Gilbert a MITRE fellow to expand the organization’s quantum science initiatives.

MITRE fellows are scientists who lead critically important programs. The program has a history of deeply impactful work to the nation and world, including the GPS and adaptive signal processing.

A 24-year MITRE veteran, Gilbert is the founder of quantum science research at MITRE and principal investigator of MITRE’s quantum program. A partnership of leading physics research groups at MITRE, MIT and Sandia National Labs, the project aims to build the world’s first fully universal scalable quantum computer and integrated quantum network. 

The project is designing and building programmable nano-photonic quantum processors that will be the engines of a scalable universal quantum computer.

“Gerry’s contributions to MITRE and his field run deep—few people in the world have dedicated their lives to this level of expertise and innovation,” said Charles Clancy, chief futurist, senior vice president and general manager of MITRE Labs. 

“As a MITRE Fellow, Gerry will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, which is mission critical in the race for global competitiveness in quantum science,” Clancy added.

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