Top 10 Contracting Execs to Watch in 2020

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LeNaye Willis-Lloyd, Avantus Federal

LeNaye Willis-Lloyd

Vice President of Contract Operations, Avantus Federal

Since arriving in May 2019 and taking on the leadership role as the contracts and procurement executive, LeNaye Willis-Lloyd’s primary business objective is to ensure the contracts management organization enables and drives Avantus Federal’s strategic agenda.

“I am immensely proud of my work to transform the Contracts Department into a strategic lever with real impact across our enterprise,” she said.

The department has expanded its service offerings to be more deeply embedded in business development, client delivery, merger and acquisitions and integration, which has resulted in elevated performance and better outcomes.

“Finally, I am honored to be part of a great team that completed four successful acquisitions in support of the national security mission in cybersecurity, software development, advanced analytics and systems engineering arenas,” Willis-Lloyd said.

Avantus Federal continues to deliver on growth and mission goals through a laser focus on its people. To address COVID-19, the company quickly accelerated key enhancements to its benefits and took on an expedited, intentional approach to diversity and inclusion, which Willis-Lloyd spearheaded.

“The importance we put on people and striking a balance between company and commitment is paramount to our success,” she said. “The mantra I bring to our company, our employees and my team is we want to lead in everything we do.”

Why Watch

In 2021 and beyond, Willis-Lloyd’s focus is to continue elevate the contracts management organization as Avantus Federal builds to be that mid-market powerhouse, and for the company to be a leading industry voice as it relates to the contracts and procurement market.

“I will accomplish this by recruiting and developing talent, empowering eminence at every turn, partnering with our internal and external clients and stakeholders, and leveraging technology across our enterprise,” Willis-Lloyd said.

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