Top 10 Contracting Execs to Watch in 2020

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Rich Fisne, Alion Science and Technology

Rich Fisne

Senior Vice President of Contracts and Procurement, Alion Science and Technology

For over 30 years in government contracting, Rich Fisne has led functions that include contracts, subcontract and procurement administration.

As a key member of Alion’s executive leadership team, Fisne is integral in driving strategic growth from inception of contract award through completion. He works across the enterprise, supporting all business and operational divisions by fostering internal relationships to ensure Alion’s success. He also develops and cultivates strong collaborative relationships with government and industry partners.

With Alion’s recent $896 million Navy’s Integrated Training Environment single-award contract, Fisne was vital in building a trusted partnership with his government counterparts to ramp up and onboard Alion’s partners to ensure customer success. Additionally, with the divestiture of Alion’s naval business to Serco in 2018, Fisne led the successful transition and novation of multiple contracts with Serco and DCMA.

Fisne consistently drives for process improvements and routinely implements best practices. As an example, he leads a corporate initiative to update technology to improve automated systems and workflows for contracts and procurement. These streamlined approvals, rapid records retrieval and improved audit responses create increased efficiencies that enable Alion to be more agile and focus on issue resolution in a timely manner.

Why Watch

Fisne has deep experience dealing with the complexities of contracts and procurement while consistently finding ways to adapt to new customer requirements without sacrificing the agility and speed required to assure Alion’s consistent growth and customer success.

He implements industry best practices and anticipates the needs of the enterprise to ensure the recent rapid growth of Alion continues. Over the course of fiscal year 2020, over $6 billion in proposals for defense programs were submitted. Alion was also awarded more than $2.7 billion in contract awards and continued to receive high CPAR ratings from customers — all under Fisne’s leadership.

Fisne understands contracts and procurement are not just process organizations but business partners rooted in the organization to work with all stakeholders to ensure successful contract execution. He understands the buying and selling aspects of contracts and procurement are at the forefront of strategic business processes and bringing these two together will lead an organization to business success.

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