Top 10 Contracting Execs to Watch in 2020

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Top 10 Contracting Execs to Watch in 2020- 8

Government contractors can’t help federal agencies evolve, modernize and complete critical missions without winning first. And winning in GovCon means more than recognition, titles or awards — it’s the opportunity to bring an entire team of expertise to help propel the nation forward. It’s the chance to build systems, processes and capabilities the government will use to help its citizens access their health data, secure the nation’s infrastructure, protect the warfighter, continue to serve its veterans and so on.

Contracting officers are at the forefront of the competition for these opportunities. They know the ins and outs of the federal awards and procurement processes and they have the business acumen to succeed and lock in the work to provide their company’s services to the government and citizens alike. Meet these executives who negotiated, organized, strategized and supported impactful contracts and awards in 2020, keeping the term GovCon true to its name during unprecedented pandemic challenges.

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