ECS Tech’s Aaron Burciaga on Next-gen AI, Machine Learning

Aaron Burciaga, CAP, ACE

Aaron Burciaga, ECS Tech

ECS is making “incredible” headway in helping its customers in the areas of data analytics, artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning, and is especially focused on the sensors that collect information from far field.

That’s according to Aaron Burciaga, senior director of artificial intelligence and analytics at ECS Tech, who sat down with WashingtonExec to discuss AI and machine learning trends and future advancements, internally and industrywide.

Rather than simply collecting information from data streamed to computers, ECS aims to gather information from visual sensors, auditory feedback, haptic feedback and/or a consideration of all three, he said. ECS’ goal for these advancements is to help customers in the fields of analytics, AI, data science and machine learning.

Within government industries, recent trends involve four staples of data science and AI: how data is collected and managed, how data engineering takes place, how insights are generated through data science and analytics and how data is consumed.

Burciaga shared how agencies can gather inspiration from other industries, such as the food, music, design and stage industries. Gathering ideas and inspiration from outside sources, Burciaga said, is what gives systems relevance to the user.

Burciaga shared his excitement for the future of AI in his parting words:

“It is about our ability as humans to sense and respond faster to these technologies and adopt them… the challenge and the opportunity we have is not just about accelerating information, but accelerating the human decision-making.”

Watch the full video interview here.

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