Top CIOs to Watch in 2020

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Mike Uster, ManTech

Mike Uster

Chief Information Officer & Senior Vice President, ManTech International

Mike Uster is particularly proud of ManTech IT’s completion of two key enterprise transformations in the past year: transitioning all 9,400 employees to the Microsoft Office 365 GCC High environment and rolling out Slack companywide to increase collaboration and dramatically reduce or eventually replace overreliance on internal email.

However, a top priority this year has been dealing with the impact of the pandemic.

ManTech equipped its IT infrastructure to seamlessly support work from home while prioritizing security. Uster said all of the company’s core and peripheral systems, along with the IT team’s modernization efforts before the pandemic, proved scalable, cost efficient and simple — and even more adaptable to a geographically dispersed work-from-home workforce.

Additionally, ManTech has made significant gains in security through an internal transformation to a zero trust roadmap via strategic initiatives. One example is its enterprise release of the Slack collaborative tool, surrounded and augmented with the necessary security toolset for employees to collaborate.

Coupled with its automation in Security, Orchestration, Automation and Response, and completion of its digital transformation prior to the implementation of COVID precautions leading to a seamless transition to a greatly different work environment, Uster’s next focus is how to optimize high-speed collaboration and deep security without any perceived impact to ManTech customers.

Why Watch

ManTech’s focus for the remainder of 2020 is to finalize its zero trust extended program while completing enterprise automation efforts to improve customer delivery in quality and at a highly competitive price. All this, “while ensuring ManTech delivers an industry-leading collaborative environment for our internal and external customers,” Uster said.

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