Avantus Federal Buys MissionTech Solutions Following Rebrand Focused on Growth, Unifying Capabilities

Andy Maner

Andy Maner, Avantus Federal

Avantus Federal, formerly E3/Sentinel, acquired MissionTech Solutions, LLC, on Nov. 12 on the heels of an official rebrand focused on growth, a collective future vision and an embrace of the heritage each legacy organization holds.

The journey to rebrand was officially announced in October, but began nine months prior in efforts to honor the proud heritage of the company and to define a brand personality that now embodies evolved values and continued growth.

The purchase of MissionTech, a consulting and solutions business focused on using data and technology to solve national security challenges, is the company’s sixth since November 2018. Now, Avantus Federal combines MissionTech with E3 Federal Solutions, Sentinel, Data Works, Operational Intelligence and Lucid Perspectives, expanding on its capabilities and offerings.

Specifically, MissionTech builds on Avantus Federal’s data engineering, cloud capability and technology adoption services, with a continued emphasis on national security and the intelligence community.

“Since 2018, we have worked with extreme focus to acquire companies who develop innovative solutions that would enable us to soundly deliver solutions to our customers,” said Avantus Federal CEO Andy Maner. “MissionTech’s dedication to mission success and employee growth directly align with how we do business, which is one of the many reasons why this company is a great fit here.”

Adding MissionTech to its portfolio bolsters Avantus Federal’s capabilities of its unified company, including services, consulting, data and technology. Maner said this will help the company differentiate itself from competitors and create additional depth and breadth within its client delivery.

And empowering eminence is core to Avantus Federal’s new mission statement, as the company seeks to “deliver exceptional outcomes by embedding thoughtfully selected professionals with unparalleled skills and shared devotion to solving your complex challenges.” 

“When you rebrand something, most people think it’s just about a name,” Maner told WashingtonExec. “The name is almost the last thing you do. It’s really about learning who you want to be. What are the values? What’s the personality of the brand?”

Avantus Federal spent seven months defining who it wanted to be going forward. As the world grapples with its current challenges, Maner said people retreat to their company as a place of stability and identity — and Avantus Federal can be that place for its employees.

“Our values of earning eminence, you’re not just born with it,” he said. “Acting with purpose, inspire yourself. What do you want for you? We’ll make it happen, but you have to own part of your career. And we want to help you.”

Another important message of the rebrand is supporting diversity. Maner said Avantus Federal has implemented six new employee resource groups around community service, health and wellness and celebrating diversity in all forms.

Because it’s no longer enough to just say it — you have to walk the walk, Maner said.

“All those things become just words unless you live them,” he added.

Avantus Federal is working to live by four adjectives, Maner said: empowering, tenacious, striking and human.

Avantus Federal has meaning, too; it’s a play on words combining advantage and advance, ending with “us;” relating to the U.S. government and Avantus Federal’s people.

The rebrand also positions Avantus Federal for future growth. It’s easier to do business when partners and stakeholders know who the company is, what it stands for and how all its components unify under a single defined personality, Maner said.

Going forward, the focus is to never change. Avantus Federal has a 2025 vision to develop its people through integrated talent management.

“Every person, every colleague has their own development plan for their career, and we put a lot of investment behind that,” Maner said. “The best part of that is that it helps the clients, because we’re more stable. People get more developed every year. That really helps our customer delivery, which is the most important thing.”

Avantus Federal will also continue investing in technology, solutions and innovation, and embracing mergers, acquisitions and integrations.

“We are a heavily integrated business,” Maner said. “And we continue to purchase companies when they bring us additional capability or customer reach or past performance.”

That’s the meaning behind acquiring MissionTech, too, and the feeling is mutual.

“Joining forces with Avantus will accelerate both organizations’ efforts to deliver critical capabilities to government at a pivotal time,” said Matt Scott, MissionTech CEO. “Our organizations both drive growth through our mission-focused values and investment in employees. Our collective strengths provide the ability to surpass our clients’ expectations with the leading team of fully cleared technologists and the qualifications to scale while building careers.”

Both companies elevate the importance of mission impact, investment in employees and a commitment to diversity and inclusion — core principles Avantus Federal has set for the present and the future.

Daniel Ingersoll with Cameron/McEvoy PLLC and Nick Johnson with Berenzweig Leonard, LLP served as legal counsel to MissionTech Solutions, LLC, and Blank Rome LLP served as counsel to Avantus.

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