Top 25 MarCom Leaders to Watch in 2020: Iron Bow Technologies’ Josie Smoot

Josie Smoot, Iron Bow Technologies

In 2019, Iron Bow launched IronTarget, a multicloud solution, to the federal marketplace. The solution offers agencies a quick, secure route to cloud. This effort involved partnering across the organization with Iron Bow’s cloud architects. Through the collaboration, the team built an integrated campaign, which launched at the beginning of 2020 bringing the solution to market. Currently, IronTarget is piloted at with various customers, with interest across multiple verticals.

Also, earlier this year, as part of continuing maturation and transformation of the Iron Bow Healthcare Business Unit, Iron Bow relaunched The new site combines Iron Bow’s long-standing experience in developing and implementing telehealth solutions and programs, its manufacturing capabilities, managed service offerings as well its IT solution expertise.

With the new site and digital strategies now in place to drive awareness of Iron Bow Healthcare’s expertise, the site has already expanded the market presence of the brand nationally to commercial and federal health care providers.

And first and foremost, MarCom strategies and initiatives align directly with sales and their goals.

“Our greatest success comes from our partnership and collaboration together,” Josie Smoot said. “Now more than ever, as in person touchpoints are at a minimum, we have to ensure we align with consistent messaging, a strong plan and digital strategy to support that plan. Our customers are going digital more than ever before, we need to continue to reinvent and invest in digital strategies, tools and resource to aid in getting our message and our expertise to our customers where and when they need and want it.”

On the internal front, Smoot said Iron Bow is fortunate to have invested in Cisco’s full suite of collaboration technologies. This allowed her team to have a seamless transition to a fully remote workforce and keep up on its internal communications.

“We’ve also developed internal campaigns to spur the creativity and keep the connectedness across the company through the last few months with activities like our ‘Funday’ Friday themes, which have really bolstered our employee engagement on our social media channels,” Smoot added.

Why Watch

“Our focus will continue to invest in digital transformation tools and tactics to help our clients get the information they need when and where they want,” Smoot said.

Her team will continue to invest in building dynamic content, thought leadership and messaging to help customers make more informed decisions as well as automation technologies to better scale and provide ROI on its marketing activities.

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