Top 25 MarCom Leaders to Watch in 2020: Fortinet Federal’s Shelly Scarpelli

Shelly Scarpelli, Fortinet Federal

Shelly Scarpelli, Fortinet Federal

In Fortinet Federal’s push to amplify its government-focused offerings, Shelly Scarpelli has helped drive the company’s reach through impactful, accessible understanding of its comprehensive security solutions.

An organizational focus around four central pillars — security-driven networking, dynamic cloud security, artificial intelligence-driven operations and zero-trust networks — meant the marketing and strategic communications needed to mirror those priorities.

For a company best known for its firewalls, that meant ensuring current and potential clients understand these pillars’ relevance and Fortinet’s complete solution, even as that firewall capability remains a flagship offering.

In November 2019, Scarpelli helped spearhead the company’s inaugural federal Security Transformation Summit — an opportunity to showcase for the government audience Fortinet’s exclusive capabilities, thought leadership, federal collaboration and partner ecosystem. The summit drew more than 500 attendees and delivered a 30x ROI for Fortinet’s pipeline. The event will return (remotely) in November, and Scarpelli and her team are confident they will continue the momentum.

Meanwhile, the company’s quick pivot to virtual marketing strategies is driving attention to its advanced technologies and expertise through robust, multipronged efforts: more virtual event participation, increased media coverage, elevated content, promotion of Fortinet’s free cyber skills training and veterans assistance programs, and a doubling-down on key partnerships and social media. Fortinet’s also moving ahead with military cyber schoolhouse collaboration and targeted agency initiatives.

Why Watch

With limited face-to-face opportunities, Scarpelli is pushing forward how she knows best: with integrated plans for building awareness and demand, leveraging meaningful content and partnering strategically to get it done.

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