Lockheed Martin to Buy i3 Hypersonics Portfolio

Lockheed Martin has announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire a portion of Integration Innovation Inc., or i3, a software and systems engineering company based in Huntsville, Alabama.

The portfolio alignment between i3 and Lockheed Martin provides the opportunity to design and deliver hypersonic-specific technology solutions that benefit the warfighter, Lockheed Martin said. The deal reinforces the defense giant’s commitment to its national security customer and expands its portfolio strategically, said Eric Scherff, vice president of Hypersonic Strike Programs at Lockheed Martin.

“Combining i3’s talent and domain expertise with our shared vision for hypersonic strike will expand how we think about and deliver this critical capability to the warfighter across domains,” he added.

i3 CEO Mike Wicks said his company is proud to join “a technology authority” that hires the best talent. 

“We have invested much time and energy into developing strategic solutions at i3,” he added. “And, we’re finding the need to synergize these offerings with Lockheed Martin is more timely than ever and unlocks the value to our joint customers.”

The transaction is expected to close in approximately 30 days.

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