AEgis Technologies Group, Applied Technology Associates and Brilligent Solutions Form BlueHalo

Jonathan Moneymaker

Jonathan Moneymaker, BlueHalo

AEgis Technologies Group is joining the formation of BlueHalo, accompanied by Applied Technology Associates and Brilligent Solutions, following a joint Oct. 29 announcement.

BlueHalo, an Arlington Capital Partners portfolio company, provides advanced engineering solutions and technology to the national security community. It was formed through the combination of AEgis Technologies (and its previously integrated acquisitions Excivity and EMRC Heli), Applied Technology Associates and Brilligent Solutions.

“Changing the landscape of our national security posture and developing capabilities that have never been offered before requires bringing together the highest end products and elite talent,” said BlueHalo CEO Jonathan Moneymaker. “At BlueHalo, our employees will have access to new and impactful programs and missions across the fields of directed energy, radar, SIGINT, laser comm, electro-optics, and complex space systems, as well as investment to accelerate both growth and innovation.”

BlueHalo specializes in capabilities in space superiority, directed energy, missile defense, C4ISR, cyber and intelligence for the national security community. Heavy investments will be made in technical talent, differentiated engineering and manufacturing facilities, and proprietary technology solutions as the company enters its next phase of growth, according to Henry Albers, a vice president at Arlington Capital Partners.

“The name BlueHalo speaks to who we are as a company, a global protective ring that shields everything we safeguard most, that unbroken line ensuring our customers retain the advantage in any battlespace, from high above the Earth to deep in cyberspace,” Moneymaker continued. “It’s who we are and who we want to be, a halo, a protector, the light of inspired engineering keeping our Nation safe.”

Leadership at Brilligent and Applied Technology Associates both expressed excitement over the integration.

“Since its founding in 1975, ATA has attracted some of the best and brightest industry professionals, and through their combined talents, has been a leader in precision sensors, electro-optical systems, laser communications, and advanced research and development solutions,” said Tony Tenorio, CEO and principal owner of Applied Technology Associates.

“I am incredibly proud that ATA is joining forces with BlueHalo to continue driving forward a culture of innovation and building a legacy of successful applied science in ground to space solutions,” he continued. “This business combination will provide expanded career opportunities for our employees and benefit the broader Albuquerque community from additional economic expansion.”

David Geloneck, CEO and co-founder at Brilligent, said he’s excited to join the companies forming  BlueHalo.

“We were presented with an opportunity that fit perfectly in terms of company culture, capabilities, and vision, and provides a mission focus on quality and care in order to deliver to our customers the solutions needed to ensure National Security and support our warfighters,” he added. “I look forward to partnering with the BlueHalo leadership team, and I can’t wait for my teams to get started on many new and exciting capabilities and opportunities.”

Upon closing the deal, Tenorio will retire from Applied Technology Associates and Dan Gillings will be appointed as general manager as the company integrates into BlueHalo.

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