Top 30 Public Sector Leaders to Watch in 2020: Salesforce’s Kevin Paschuck

Kevin Paschuck, Salesforce

It has been an unprecedented year of change and adaptability. During the pandemic, Salesforce implemented emergency response management solutions in 35 states using its contact tracing technology to help keep citizens safe, supported and informed when they may have been exposed to COVID-19.

For Kevin Paschuck, stepping into the role leading the global public sector sales team has opened the door for targeted insights and solutions suited to each nation as they navigate the pandemic. This allows Salesforce to have greater visibility into the diverse needs of its customer base and present a unified solution for faster implementation and global recovery that will lead to growth.

“The Salesforce platform is agile, and we were able to adapt our products incredibly fast to provide solutions to federal, state and local public sector missions,” Paschuck said.

With the development of, Salesforce has a suite of partner-led solutions using the platform to help government departments stand up chat bot solutions, contact tracing databases and essential equipment distribution strategies. The company has built a Workplace Command Center that gives executives, HR, operations and facilities planners key indicators to help them make informed decisions, communicate with employees and take fast action to reopen safely.

Why Watch

Salesforce will continue to be employee and customer first. Internally, the company will continue to connect and communicate with its employees to ensure their health and well-being are top priority, as a healthy and diverse workforce is essential for growth in this time.

When it comes to the customer, Salesforce’s focus will remain on providing the best solutions to improve the citizen experience and to ensure every department and agency on its customer roster achieves their core mission.

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