Top 30 Public Sector Leaders to Watch in 2020: OpenText’s Karen Terrell

Karen Terrell, OpenText

Karen Terrell joined OpenText in April 2020 as the first-ever president of the company’s new U.S. Public Sector Group — a major milestone for OpenText and for Terrell.

“OpenText dedicating the resources and infrastructure to establish a new group will bring the full force of its technology to the public sector market,” Terrell said. “It is also an indication of our commitment to supporting customers across the U.S. public sector.”

She describes the breadth and depth of the OpenText Technology Suite as outstanding, designed to help organizations protect, manage and leverage their most valuable asset – their information.

“I believe there is a real opportunity to bring solutions like advanced content management and data analytics, low-code application development and critical cybersecurity solutions to all levels of the U.S. public sector,” Terrell said.

OpenText Public Sector Group’s mission is to help the public sector seamlessly transition to even more digitization, strengthen its ability to work remotely and provide critical services to citizens as well as civil servants, the warfighter and others working in government.

Why Watch

“We are all learning new ways to work, connect and get things done in response to COVID-19,” Terrell said. “We will be supporting our customer and delivering the technology solutions they need to continue the digital transformation of the government.”

The ongoing cloud migration within the public sector is a great example. The growing number of cloud-based applications can help OpenText public sector clients modernize their IT systems and address concerns about privacy, confidentiality and data protection, all without major infrastructure overhauls.

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