Top 30 Public Sector Leaders to Watch in 2020: Northrop Grumman’s Erik Buice

Erik Buice, Northrop Grumman

Erik Buice was recently named the leader of Northrop Grumman’s Information Solutions and Services division, which provides secure, user-centric information technology services to civilian, defense and intelligence agency customers. He leads a group of talented employees dedicated to helping customers with secure infrastructure, mission-critical software, data analytics and mission support.

Buice has decades of experience of supporting public sector customers with cyber, engineering and mission and enterprise IT services. Most recently, he was vice president for the Civil and Health business unit within Northrop Grumman’s Information Solutions and Services division.

Buice cites Northrop Grumman’s systems engineering discipline and deep understanding of customers’ missions as the reasons the company has been successful in providing innovative IT systems and digital transformation. From using machine learning to root out fraud to defining a broad array of agile methods that deliver faster results, Buice notes Northrop Grumman is always looking at new technology to innovate for affordability and deliver the best mission outcomes.

Among his team’s notable recent achievements are several in direct support of government’s pandemic response. For the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Northrop Grumman has created more than 1,000 COVID-19 webpages in several languages to date, receiving over 1.5 billion page views worldwide. For New York City, the company outfitted hundreds of surge ambulances in a matter of days with mobile Computer Aided Dispatch software, allowing the city to dispatch first responders from the time a 911 call was placed until resources cleared from the scene.

Why Watch

Buice leads his team with an intense focus on agile operations and business development methods that envisage a strong growth posture for 2021 and beyond. In addition to the current pandemic response, he’s watching other emerging global challenges facing Northrop Grumman’s customers, including new economic and budget realities, increased expectations for digital services, and growing cyber and information threats. He’s positioning the company to deliver innovative and agile solutions that will ensure customers can respond to continuously evolving challenges.

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