Top 30 Public Sector Leaders to Watch in 2020: ICF’s Mark Lee

Mark Lee, ICF

Mark Lee, ICF

Mark Lee leads ICF’s full public sector group, which supports U.S. federal and state and local agencies plan, design and implement transformative projects.

In 2020, Lee and his team have put ICF at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19 in partnership with various public sector agencies. With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ICF manages BioSense, CDC’s cloud-based platform for nationwide syndromic surveillance.

BioSense detects COVID-19 outbreaks and transmission in real time, and continuously monitors patterns and trends so ICF can immediately alert federal, state and local agencies of COVID-19 “hot spots” as they emerge.  

With the National Institutes of Health, ICF developed COVIDCode, an app that helps NIH analyze the role genetics plays in the severity of response to COVID-19. ICF also created the website that houses NIH’s COVID-19’s treatment guidelines so doctors have easy access on how to care for COVID-19 patients.

And with the Administration Children and Families Office of Child Care, ICF helped develop a repository of COVID-19 impacts on childcare lead agencies and their response, and provide technical assistance and training to help grantees make informed decisions about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children, families, childcare providers and communities.

Lee’s team also launched the “COVID-19 Monitor Survey of U.S. Adults” that measures American attitudes and behaviors related to COVID-19 in the areas of public health, economic and personal finance impact, mitigation and mental health, and tracking how they change over time.  

In January 2020, Lee was the driving force in ICF’s acquisition of Incentive Technology Group, significantly strengthening ICF’s capabilities in IT modernization and cloud technology by adding over 350 new technologists to its roster and more than 700 systems.  

Why Watch

In the next 12-18 months, Lee’s priorities are in three key areas: IT modernization focused on building agile solutions; public health and response to the pandemic and solving future public health challenges; and resilience of critical enterprise systems and in helping communities respond to and recover from natural disasters.

He will also continue to play a major role in developing and implementing ICF’s diversity and inclusion program companywide.

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