Top 30 Public Sector Leaders to Watch in 2020: Guidehouse’s Scott McIntyre

Scott McIntyre, Guidehouse

In October 2019 under Scott McIntyre’s leadership, Guidehouse closed a momentous take-private transaction of Navigant Consulting, merging Navigant with Guidehouse. The combined entity brought together each organization’s relative expertise in highly regulated industries across both the commercial and government sectors. The transaction approximately doubled the scale of Guidehouse.

The result is a combined business with approximately 8,000 employees worldwide with approximately 50% of revenues coming from the private sectors and the remaining 50% from the public sector.

“We leverage talent in key industry domains as well as deep digital competencies, on a private platform enabling significant investment,” McIntyre said.

An example is the work Guidehouse did for the Veterans Health Administration’s Office of Community Care. Guidehouse was awarded the contract to support VHA in adopting a whole health approach for veterans, putting them at the center of care and VA in the position to help ensure transitions of care inside VA and in the community.

Together, Guidehouse and OCC have executed over 100 projects to build and improve community care capabilities, implemented a national network of community providers, established innovative tools to deploy changes to the field and developed over 200 e-learning/training artifacts with the goal of process simplification, increasing care access and improving the overall veteran experience.

Why Watch

McIntyre’s vision for the future rests on three priorities. The first is to preserve the core of what characterized the first decade of the business’ success in terms of rapid growth, a strong culture and a collegial operating model encouraging teamwork and collaboration.

The second priority is to invest for growth. Having grown the business organically since inception, the opportunity to raise capital for both acquisitions and to invest in emerging technologies is a key part of McIntyre’s vision.

The third priority is to change the way Guidehouse works. Carving this business out of a very large and successful Big 4 firm without any transaction services agreements presented the opportunity to build the operations — including all processes, systems, policies and programs — from the ground up.

“The leadership team has taken a lean approach to the build out of our business reflective of the way we want to work and the way clients expect us to work,” McIntyre said. “When the pandemic created a need for a remote workforce, the Guidehouse’s 100% cloud-based IT architecture seamlessly supported the transition of a global workforce while maintaining consistent client support and expanding services to the workforce to evolve as the market changed.”

The culmination of these things supports the rest of the vision: to triple the size of this business in five years, emerge as a top professional services firm to work for and sustain a multigenerational business that remains focused on consulting on “above the fold” matters that build trust in society.

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