Top 30 Public Sector Leaders to Watch in 2020: Citrix’s Steve Nguyen

Steve Nguyen, Citrix

Steve Nguyen, Citrix

Steve Nguyen is a seasoned executive with almost three decades of experience delivering technology-based solutions to government agencies around the world to support everything from citizen services to mission-oriented defense initiatives. Over the course of his career, he has led the development of new markets, expansion of existing markets and introduction of new vertical solutions for some of the world’s leading technology providers, including Citrix, where he serves as general manager of U.S. public sector.

“Developing solutions that impact citizens and support our national assets and deliver savings and efficiencies that improve the quality of government operations and services is truly a passion of mine,” Nguyen said. “And to do this requires assembling, a diverse team of individuals and creating a culture in which we can collaborate, innovate and grow.”

Prior to joining Citrix, Nguyen designed and took to market LexisNexis’ first solution to support the government with its mission to continuously evaluate personnel with special privileges and access.

He then transitioned to Citrix to lead the company’s U.S. public sector organization because he saw the difference digital transformation and enabling anyone — public servant, citizen, warfighter — to get their job done from anywhere on any device at any time, could make in the way government works.

Why Watch

When COVID-19 hit, Nguyen and his team stepped up to enable government agencies across the globe to keep their employees and communities they serve safe and maintain continuity of critical services they provide through technology that enables them to work from anywhere. That included the State of Illinois, which enabled close to 30,000 users in a few days, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, which brought close to 300,000 online in a matter of weeks.

“The speed with which agencies were required to respond when work-from-home mandates were put in place was unprecedented, and it was critical that Citrix do everything we could to ensure they didn’t miss a beat,” he said. “Our customers have critical and difficult missions, and I am proud of the dedicated support that our team has been able to provide to ensure they can execute even in the most challenging of times.”

For the rest of 2020 and into 2021, Nguyen is leading his company with its first Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program solution and helping customers accelerate their transition to the cloud.

“As we brace for what’s to come with COVID-19 and the new norm for work, our customers are taking advantage of the economies of scale, speed and security that digital workspace solutions like Citrix Cloud Government can provide,” he said.

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