Top 25 MarCom Leaders to Watch in 2020: NTT DATA’s Marta Czarnecki

Marta Czarnecki, NTT DATA

NTT DATA’s Public Sector is experiencing astronomical growth, according to Marta Czarnecki. Last April, the company acquired Cognosante’s state health consulting practice, which substantially increased its footprint in the state Medicaid and health markets. In December, it acquired NETE and grew its work in the federal public health space.

“Both acquisitions brought to the team some phenomenal, talented individuals and expanded our capabilities,” Czarnecki said. “For marketing, growth translates to a lot of hustle.”

In addition to the acquisitions, across NTT DATA’s Public Sector enterprise, marketing played a role in adding several new logo clients, expanding support to sellers and launched several new markets and capabilities.

“I am really proud of the work I’ve done with our Accelerating Smart solution, it is really taking off in the market and a great example of NTT DATA’s foresight, innovation and investment in R&D,” Czarnecki said.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, any strategies, plans, techniques and innovations Czarnecki thought she would be focusing on in 2020 have been thrown out the window. All the planning and campaigns have to be re-imagined to meet NTT DATA’s audience where it’s now — online.

“Of course, everyone is vying for the same mindshare, so the challenge is going to be to cut through the clutter,” Czarnecki said. “Certainly, all our inboxes are flooded with invitations to webinars and virtual events, but there are only so many hours in a day and most folks don’t have extra time… which is why marketers need to get creative and think beyond traditional channels.”

Czarnecki has a strong video background as well. One positive aspect of the current telework environment is that NTT DATA has come to accept video as a very effective communications tool.

“We now accept video that is less than perfect, without flashy edits or high-production value,” she said. “I love that video provides a more personal means for engagement. Almost everyone has a cellphone, a camera on their laptop or ability to record a Zoom call — it becomes a means for conversations and personal engagement right at our fingertips.”

Why Watch

Czarnecki said she’s fortunate to have a large marketing organization to rely on for assistance. NTT has some fantastic sports sponsorships with INDY and MLB, where the company recently introduced several very cool innovations that improve the fan experience. These help to build its brand, yet the company still has some work to do in building its brand in the public sector.

“We will definitely be focusing on our digital presence, social media outreach and getting creative to engage our clients,” Czarnecki said.

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