Top 25 MarCom Leaders to Watch in 2020: Accenture Federal Services’ Pamela Merritt

Pamela Merritt, Accenture Federal Services

Growing up in a military family, Pamela Merritt gained an early appreciation for public service, which has endured throughout her career.

“It’s gratifying to bring to life the work that Accenture does to help our clients make a difference in people’s lives,” she said.

As federal agencies increasingly embrace new approaches to take on challenges and stay ahead of change, Accenture is helping clients reimagine how to deliver their mission in fundamentally different ways and bring together the latest commercial innovation and technologies to get the job done faster.

Merritt and her team have been integrally involved in promoting Accenture’s role in helping federal agencies transform and modernize for more impact.

“We have an incredible team that’s all-in and fully aligned across marketing, media and communications with an emphasis on digital and great storytelling,” Merritt said. “We challenge ourselves to innovate in our own space, make meaningful connections with people and create compelling content that ranges from future-forward perspectives on what’s next for government to innovative economic models to frame the workforce productivity impact of artificial intelligence.”

Combined, these efforts have made a big impact on the Accenture brand — a recent brand study found Accenture’s favorability among government employees  increased  25% between 2017 and 2020. This was achieved through continuous engagement with the market as well as major moments like this summer’s announcement that AFS chose St. Louis as the home of its newest Advanced Technology Center, which generated millions of impressions and earned coverage in every leading publication and broadcast outlet in the region.

Why Watch

“The lessons of the pandemic compelled everyone to pivot fast and focus on what is truly important,” Merritt said. “For our team, we concentrate our efforts around innovating quickly in how we connect with people and curating the experiences we create.”

Looking ahead, Merritt said she is excited about extending these efforts into new collaborations with a diverse group of partners.

“The best of part of what we do is sharing the stories behind the people who are doing amazing things for the country and in the community,” she added. “With so much change in the world, we see our purpose as creating a platform that inspires and connects our clients, people and partners to make positive change that endures.”

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