Top 30 Public Sector Leaders to Watch in 2020

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Steve Harris, Dell Technologies

Steve Harris, President, Federal and Public Sector Strategy, Dell Technologies

With more than 22 years serving the federal, state and local government and education communities, Steve Harris’ passion for the public sector and close partnership with his customers have accelerated digital transformation across the market. Harris delivers the end-to-end capabilities that enable digital transformation, supporting the government to achieve milestones from saving more than $200,000 daily in fuel costs, to avoiding $1.5 billion in fraudulent spending through predictive analytics.

Recently, Harris supported the government through one of the biggest government IT transformations in decades. As public sector workers were rapidly forced to move to remote work this spring, Harris and his team served as guides and partners in efforts to accelerate digital transformation and stay productive. He’s advocated a multicloud approach that offers flexibility, security and scalability, and provided the tools and insight to help overcome this unexpected challenge.

Why Watch

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for the connectivity that makes remote work possible even in rural areas. 5G is key to enabling this necessary connectivity.

Harris is guiding the government as it creates a 5G ecosystem for the future. To prepare government for success, it’s imperative to remember 5G is constructed upon common building blocks of compute, storage and networking. Harris and his team are building the foundation by providing a roadmap with purpose-built infrastructure integration. Mobile gigabit connectivity, low latency and unprecedented device density will unleash access across the entire distributed IT infrastructure from edge to core to cloud for the very first time. An open, secure 5G ecosystem will prepare the U.S. to keep all government employees connected.

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