WATCH: CNSI’s Todd Stottlemyer Talks Black Lives Matter Movement, Diversity

WashingtonExec founder and CEO JD Kathuria is joined by Todd Stottlemyer, CEO of CNSI, to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement and inclusion initiatives at his company. Stottlemyer talks about human rights, history and specific steps CNSI has taken in the fight for equality. He also discusses the importance of CEOs speaking out and taking initiatives as both company and community leaders.


  1. Thank you for your inspiring comments on Black Lives Matter and the programs that you are developing at CNSI. You displayed a sincere interest in the subject. I regret not working with you when I was more active in the Federal tech space. Best wishes for much success in your efforts to help the business world create a more inclusive environment for all.

  2. Jack Cousins on

    It’s important people realize the difference between “black lives matter” and “Black Lives Matter.” The actual organization BLM is a neo-Marxist anti-semitic group. Nobody has the courage to speak up and point out the huge difference.