Top 25 DOD Execs to Watch in 2020: Vectrus’ Kevin Leonard

Kevin Leonard, Vectrus

Kevin Leonard, a retired U.S. Army major general, joined Vectrus in 2017 to develop and execute short- and long-term strategies for Army and Expeditionary Programs, leveraging 33 years of leading complex transportation and logistics organizations.

Under Leonard’s leadership in 2019, Vectrus won multiple positions on the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program, or LOGCAP, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract, which supports the U.S. Armed Forces in various services worldwide.

Leonard also takes pride in that Vectrus is composed of 38% veterans, and is committed to helping people transition out of service into industry following the company’s 2019 involvement in the Hire Our Heroes program.

And now, Vectrus is fusing digital and infrastructure capabilities, leveraging its technical and software development expertise to provide military base commanders with a full, integrated view of a base’s security apparatus and energy consumption.

As a retired Army logistician, Leonard is excited about the emerging technologies around delivering rapid water purification and power generation in disaster zones.

Longer term, Vectrus is working to reduce the demand for fuel to generate power and to provide alternative forms like solar power generators. Technologies like these, Leonard said, can ultimately reduce the size, weight, maintenance and logistics footprint required to provide water and power for humanitarian assistance missions and disaster relief.

As the senior vice president for contingency operations, it’s his job to find ways to implement these technologies where and when the government needs them.

Why Watch:

For the remainder of 2020 and beyond, Leonard and his team will focus on the company’s positions with the LOGCAP IDIQ, putting the right planners in place to support those command centers and integrate the capabilities needed.

“We provide the very best rapid support to the Department of Defense that we possibly can and use cutting-edge technologies,” Leonard said.

He also looks forward to continue investing in Vectrus’ growing veterans workforce, and encourages others in industry to do the same.

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