Oceus Networks Announces Acquisition, New Leadership; Adds Brad Antle as Executive Chair

Brad Antle

Brad Antle

Oceus Networks announced July 27 the recent acquisition by Battle Investment Group, and the restructuring of its leadership. 

Jeff Harman will transition from chief operating officer to president, and Brad Antle will serve as executive chairman. The new leadership appointment follows additional capital funding and complements the acquisition by positioning Oceus Networks to deliver advanced secure communications in challenging operational environments. 

Harman said he’s eager to leverage his experience to continue supporting warfighters with fast, reliable broadband connectivity in mission critical operations focused on national security efforts.

“This infusion of capital gives us more opportunity to advance 5G systems and applications, contributing to expanded product development, enhanced cybersecurity architecture, and holistic communications solutions,” he said.

This investment “is a direct result of Oceus Networks’ history of developing exceptional technology, focused leadership, and proven past performance in the defense and intelligence communities,” Antle said

“This is a testament to Oceus Networks people who bring high-level strategy and thinking to the future of 5G in support of our warfighters,” he added.

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